Sathio Coins Earn Policy

  • Basis your activity on Sathio app our system grants you coins. The more active you are the better are your chances to earn more coins.
  • Firstly, we will reward you 1000 coins on your sign-up.
  • Daily check – In coins are 50.
  • Every 15 mints spend in app we will give you 50 coins.
  • Every time when you upload video from sathio camera we will give you 100 coins
  • Every time when you upload video from gallery we will give you 25 coins.
  • Every time when you delete your uploaded video we will deduct 50 coins.

Sathio Video Boost Policy

  • For boosting your video you need to use you sathio coins from your wallet .
  • 1 Boost = 400 Sathio Coins .
  • Your video will remain boost for 15 minutes in mentioned category on the top .

Sathio Coin Gift Policy

  • You can gift 10 coins, 20 coins or maximum 50 coins to your favourite person.
  • You can boost you video in our sathio app.



How to become a Star Creator?

  • First Star can be achieved against 20,000 coins redemption within any calendar month.
  • Two Stars can be achieved against 30,000 coins redemption within any calendar month.
  • Three Stars can be achieved against 40,000 coins redemption within any calendar month.

How to become Crown Winner?

  • The most precious & highly recognized crown can opt for once a creator has a minimum of 50000 coins within any calendar month. And your journey will begin to start to earn money. .
  • Please note:
    All stars and crowns will be rewarded for a lifetime.

Sathio Coins Redeem Policy

  • User Required to have 25,000 Sathio coins to redeem in a calendar month.
  • Every single sathio coin is equivalent to 1 paisa.
  • Sathio coins earned by user will automatically get expire in next month.
  • We will give user fresh new 1000 sathio coins every month.
  • Verified Crown winner can redeem the minimum of 25000 coins in a calendar month.
  • Purchased coins cannot be redeemed by user.
  • User can raise a request to us for redeeming your coins if user are eligible .We will redeem coins in money to user paytm linked number.
  • For any feedback or queries , writes us at
  • By participating , user agree to our terms & Conditions.